Hey there, I’m Marquita Goings. Welcome to my site.


Born in Athens, GA; a small college town known for its big sports, it comes as no surprise that Marquita Goings has always been a stellar athlete.  Marquita tried her hand at several sports and shined in each.  She received state & regional accolades in both All-Star Cheerleading and Track and Field. Upon graduating from high school, Marquita accepted a track and field scholarship and subsequently became a student at Georgia State University. 

This decision enabled Marquita to relocate to Atlanta, GA.  While matriculating at Georgia State University, Marquita changed her major from Kinesiology to Film, with a minor in Theatre.  

Theatre performance served as a creative outlet for her; she soon found a new love.  Since then, Marquita has worked in film and tv. Her resume also includes event and print campaign modeling.  

In her spare time, Marquita continues to sharpen her tools by staying enrolled in acting classes, fitness classes, collaborating with other industry professionals and enjoying her family and friends.


You can achieve anything with faith and perseverance.

- marquita goings       


"I must say that I am grateful and blessed to be doing what I love. There is so much more to come! I am humbled with the lessons and the successes celebrated as I know they are important on this journey. Thank you for visiting my site; feel free to stop by again soon for more exciting updates!"


Much love,